Fool for the Soul: Tenet

What we did with Inception for the heist genre is what Tenet attempts to bring to the spy movie genre – director Christopher Nolan By Nina Heyn – Your Culture Scout Tenet was supposed to […]


Food For the Soul: Artists Gardens

Strange Garden (Dziwny Ogród). Józef Mehoffer (1903). National Museum, Warsaw. Photo: Public Domain Wikimedia Commons. By Nina Heyn – Your Culture Scout There are very few advantages of a global lockdown other than decreased pollution, […]


Food for the Soul – Cat Stories

Couturier Cat. Tsuguharu Foujita. 1927. Photo: Public Domain Before there were videos of funny cats on the Internet, for about 4000 years there were simply fun cat paintings. By Nina Heyn – Your Culture […]


Food for the Soul: at home

Food for the Soul will now be adding a dedicated mini-site to bring you all the culture stories in one place By Nina Heyn – Your Culture Scout The world has just hunkered down to […]